Tools using data analysis for legal practice – June 2015 edition

At Data & IT Law, our ambition is to map the world of companies creating tools, which use the principles of data analysis to improve legal practice. Therefore, in this article, we present another set of such legal startups or companies. Welcome to legal data analysis world!


Prediction of legislation changes

First product is by FiscalNote. It offers a product called Prophecy, which “uses data, coupled with machine learning, to determine legislator sentiment and forecast policy outcomes with over 94% accuracy“. It enables you to see the possible changes of legislation and to what extend it is relevant for you and your project to count on them. From the data analysis point of view, it uses machine learning principles and an analysis of historic data.


Visualization of court decisions and their relations

Another interesting tool is being developed by Ravel Law. It mainly uses data for the visualization of US courts’ decisions in the network. You may find the most relevant case law based on the number of citations, hierarchy in the court system as well as its date. In the end, the tool gives you a structured map of the case law in the area you are interested in. From the data analysis point of view, it is very interesting to refer to the use of the social network analysis principles for the analysis of the relationships between court decisions.


Discovery made easier

One of the most time-consuming activities for law firms is the discovery process. Logikcull managed to prepare a tool to help firms with this process. Especially for digital documents, it indexes them and makes it easy to search or browse through them. For that, it uses a combination of massive deep learning and automation systems.



In this article, we showed three of the recently introduced tools, which use data analysis principles for the improvement of legal practice. You may get inspiration, how to use data for legislation prediction, court decisions visualization and discovery.

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