Monthly Archive:: August 2014

27 Aug 2014

Data & It Law Week, vol. 35: Fewer lawyers in the future, law and technology visions and IP law book available online

More efficient future, fewer lawyers? Noah Waisberg had raised this question in his presentation at International Legal Technology Association 2014. The presentation was about the effect of legal tools enabling automated task performance on the legal industry.
20 Aug 2014

Data & It Law Week, vol. 34: non-profit organisations and data breaches, non-lawyers and law firms, UK Big Data report

Data breaches and non-profit organisations Non-profit organisations may be a target of a data breach too. An interesting article at JDSupra focuses on legal issues and risks that non-profit organisations must take into consideration. 4 most important
13 Aug 2014

Data & It Law Week, vol. 33: law and robots, lawyer’s biggest competitor and legal startups again

Robots taking legal jobs? In the article at, the author analyses a thought-provoking issue of the possibilities of robots performing legal tasks. It might affect all types of legal professions. “It could eventually handle tasks of
6 Aug 2014

Data & It Law Week, vol. 32: legal startups funding, a trial of legal tech company and data breaches

A decrease in legal startups funding The article at TechCrunch analysed the development of legal startups and their performance. The author shows that the investments in law-related start-ups had sharply declined. “The sales cycle for the legal