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25 Sep 2013

5 ways how to use images legally

The beginning of this article is obvious – if you want to use in your blog or document an image from the internet, you can’t just find it, copy it and use it. It is safer to
25 Sep 2013

Data in Cloud: 7 legal risks of using cloud for data storage

More and more businesses are asking themselves: Is using cloud for the storage of our data a good solution? The usual advantage is price and availability of data from anywhere. The most common disadvantage is the fact
18 Sep 2013

Data protection in the light of Google Glass

Google Glass is a big thing in the mobile devices industry. Everyone knows it, everyone thinks about it, many people love it, others reject it. Firstly, it is a Google product, that’s why it gets media attention.
11 Sep 2013

Legal issues of Big Data – new challenges

The article gives an overview of legal issues associated with the new phenomena of Big Data. The inspiration comes from an interesting article, written by Kuner et al., that was published in International Data Privacy Law (the
10 Sep 2013

Welcome to Data IT Law World!

Welcome to Data & IT Law! Thank you for visiting. The website is a guide for anyone with an interest in data and law. Join us in this fascinating journey! The purpose of this website is to