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datalawWelcome to Data & IT Law! Thank you for visiting. The website is a guide for anyone with an interest in data and law. Join us in this fascinating journey!

The purpose of this website is to check what is happening in this rapidly evolving area of everyday life. No matter what you think – we all live in the world of data. For several years now, data have been a significant resource.

However, data have limitations. Data offer many opportunities, but also give power. Therefore, the one who controls data, cannot do anything. And that’s the point, where it is necessary to take law into account.

This is the basic question of this website – how data work from a legal perspective?

The website tries to connect two worlds that may seem distant, but their interaction is inevitable. Data & IT Law will try to address important issues in the area of data and their legal background. It should cover all necessary issues in this area for anyone following this website. We would do our best to satisfy this goal.

However, this website would not be successful, if it did not get any feedback. We would be happy to hear about any comments, ideas or critique of articles published on the website. We would also like to receive any suggestions for further topics. Get in touch with us at dataitlaw@dataitlaw.com.

The reader of this blog, welcome to Data & IT Law!

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