Data & IT Law Monthly: June 2015

The overview of interesting Data & IT Law articles and news in June 2015!

One of the most interesting issues of the month is the development of the EU Data Protection Regulation. The article shows several points, in which the Council of Ministers proposal differ from the EU Parliament proposal, such as the issue of consent, one-stop shop of a single regulatory office for the whole EU or data processors responsibilities.

There is another article about the use of personal data in the cloud. The author suggests to use the techniques of “encryption or tokenisation of data before sending it to the cloud”, which could eventually help the companies to “avoid the legal barriers created by data protection laws.

(ISC)2 and Cloud Security Alliance had developed a new international standard for cloud security across banks, multinational firms and governments. The article describes the requirements that the company must satisfy, if it intends to get the standard: “at least five years’ experience in IT, of which three must be in information security and one in cloud computing (…) they must also understand cloud architecture, design, data security, platform, application and infrastructure security, operations, legal and compliance.

The article addresses “how financial services businesses can use credit data to improve customer experience, customer acquisition and retention and internal processes.” It gives three main areas of interest: data anonymisation, machine learning automatisation and the use of APIs.

The use of HTTPS is the topic of an article by Bloomberg BNA. It gives an overview of pros and cons for law firms to consider using this protocol in their practice.

Finally, for those of you, who are more interested in getting IT legal news via podcasts, this is an interesting website with its podcast service. The topic of the last one was Minimizing Social Media, Cloud Computing and Data Privacy Risks.

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