Data & IT Law Monthly: May 2015

The overview of interesting Data & IT Law articles and news in May 2015!

The article gives an overview of the differences in the legal regulation of cloud computing contracts in different US states. It also repeats the basic features to take care about, when choosing cloud provider, such as security or access.

The article shows, how law firms benefit from using data analysis. To be more specific, it describes, how they “locate their ideal pharma victims more quickly and at lower costs, they’re using data compiled from Facebook, marketing firms, and public sources.

Specifically for healthcare industry, the article shows, how to follow 10 points cyber security program. It includes tips like creating a privacy survey, performing risk analysis, insurance or implementing privacy by design.

The article reminds the readers of the 1-year anniversary of specific cloud computing ISO. The author argues that the biggest benefit of ISO implementation is “genuine assurance for CSCs in managing their data protection legal obligations.

The article gives an overview of Internet of Things era and more importantly addresses legal issues associated with the use of various devices. The most important risks are in the areas of security, privacy and property damage and body injury.

Finally, the article addresses the fact that TV companies collect and use personal data for the purposes of better advertisement. The author argues that “a big part of the concern lies with data brokers, which are vastly underregulated compared to other industries”.

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