Data & It Law Week, vol. 24: Cloud Computing, Big Data challenges & Data Protection and Competition law issues

The article gives an overview of the most interesting articles in last 7 days.


The protection of data in the cloud

In this article, the authors discuss different possibilities for data protection in the cloud. In conclusion, they argue that as “there is no single consumption model for listening to music just as there is no single or point solution for protecting business data”. The solution is a suitable combination of approaches.

This article focuses on data protection in the cloud, in relation to applicable laws. It concludes, that it is a complicated area, but manageable for bigger companies. But for medium or small organisations, it “is an expensive minefield”.


The principles of data protection and competition law

For anyone, who would like to find arguments about the purposes of EU data protection legislation, as well as its relationship with other basic EU policies, this Report might be helpful. It is a Preliminary Opinion of the European Data Protection Supervisor and its name is: “Privacy and competitiveness in the age of big data: The interplay between data protection, competition law and consumer protection in the Digital Economy”.

It concludes, that “EU approaches to data protection, competition and consumer protection share common goals, including the promotion of growth, innovation and the welfare of individual consumers.”


Internet and Data protection

In this short essay, Peter Schaar discusses the challenges big data and internet pose to data protection. He focuses on many areas, especially the collection of data by public authorities.


Google ECJ Case

The overview would not be complete, if it did not include links to new articles about a Google Case by European Court of Justice, dealing with the right to be forgotten.

Google might highlight the search results by an alert at the bottom of search results so that users can see that the record has been scrubbed.

European Commission issued a document about the case, giving an overview of all important information.

Guidelines by Article 29 Working Party

Right to be forgotten and US law


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