Data & It Law Week, vol. 27: data breaches, EU citizens rights in US & personal data markets

The article gives an overview of the most interesting articles in the area of data & it law.


Top 6 causes of data breaches

Recent research by Forrester had shown that there are several most common causes of data breaches. They are:

  • Inadvertent misuse by insider
  • Loss/theft of a corporate asset
  • Phishing
  • Abuse by malicious insider
  • External attack targeting business partner/third-party supplier’s servers or users
  • Loss/theft of a business partner asset

In general, it is possible to say that it is necessary to be careful about your own employees or about your third party contractors. Therefore, authors recommend various types of controls and prevention techniques.


EU citizens to have similar rights as US citizens in data protection area

One of the most discussed information in the week was the statement by Obama administration, that it would pass legislation granting European citizens many of the privacy protection rights enjoyed by US citizens. It should be a reaction to Snowden revelations, which revealed that unlike US citizens, EU citizens were being monitored by US government.

EU officials welcomed the promise, but want them to be put into law. For more information and discussion, see this article.


Personal data market places to start this summer

This week was not only full of articles about the woman, that incorporated herself (see below). Some companies had started to share and develop the philosophy, that it really should be the user, who owns her data. Therefore, they started to create market places, in which anyone can come and sell her data for a certain amount of money.

From the legal perspective, it is one of the best examples of the functioning of the system of user consent as a protection of personal data use. For more information, look at this article.


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