Data & It Law Week, vol. 22: Data Broker report, data breaches costs or data in contests

The article gives an overview of the most interesting articles in last 7 days.


FTC released data broker report

The Federal Trade Commission released a report on data brokers. The report is a result of an investigation, which started in 2012.

FTC criticizes data brokers. Among other things, the US users should have an access to see what kind of data had data brokers collected about them or what kind of knowledge the users had about the collection. Moreover, FTC compares the situation with policies in other countries, especially European union.


Costs of data breaches are rising

An interesting article at JDSupra shows the rise in the costs of data breaches. Top three roots of breaches are:

  1. Malicious or criminal attacks Р these account for 42% of global data breaches and are the most expensive, averaging $159 per breach;
  2. The human factor – a negligent employee or contractor accounts for 30% of global data breaches, although these breaches are the least expensive for businesses at $117 per breach; and
  3. System glitches such as IT or business process failures – these account for 29% of data breaches, averaging $126 per breach.


Wonderful overview of data protection legislation

The DLA Piper website is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in data protection. It includes a huge database of national data protection acts, analyzed according to the most important sections. It is very clear and easy-to-read.

A must-have resource!


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