Data & It Law Week, vol. 21: Google Case again, employee data or data blocking

The article gives an overview of the most interesting articles in last 7 days.


ECJ Google Case – consequences

Last week´s decision of the European Court of Justice in Google case is still interesting for many authors (see data & it law article for further details).

Brandrepublic article gives an overview of issues agencies need to know about the decision and how to deal with them in the long-term. Most importantly, the authors stress that the data protection aspects are “not going away (…) This interpretation shows the way the wind is blowing.

The headline of Guardian article suggests that only the powerful will benefit from the right to be forgotten. The author tries to reveal the unexpected consequences the decision might have. The ruling “weakens our democratic foundations.

Finally, in an online marketing Search Engine Land article, the author tries to deal with myths and realities of the decision. The article might be useful for anyone, who wants to understand the basic impact of the decision.


ISP may be ordered to block customer access to websites infringing copyright

JDSUPRA article deals with a recent European Court of Justice decision, in which the Court held that a customer access might be blocked in some examples. However, the Court specified criteria, under which it is possible to block an access to some data. “It was a matter for the national courts to establish whether those conditions were satisfied.


Open Policy network introduced

Creative Commons had announced the launch of the Open Policy Network. The network „is a coalition of organizations and individuals working to support the creation, adoption, and implementation of policies that require that publicly funded resources are openly licensed resources.“ The network might increase the amount of data available to general public.


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