Data & It Law Week, vol. 19: Data discrimination and data breaches

The article gives an overview of the most interesting articles in last 7 days.


Data discrimination – the original meaning

At data & it law, we have use the term discrimination by data. The term describes a situation, when decisions about a single person are based on aggregate data of other people with similar characteristics.

However, Vox article describes a case of data discrimination in its original meaning – if the service provider selectively filters information, it is the case of data discrimination. The article shows how five big internet providers are slowing down internet access. The equal access to the internet is one of the unwritten principles of the use of internet. Is it going to change?


Data breaches and how to tackle them

J. J. Thompson writes: “Breaches happen. Expect to be hacked. Expect to lose data. It’s all about how quickly you respond.”

Therefore, he gives an overview of steps to be taken.

Step No. 1: Define the security service catalogue.
Step No. 2: Identify the policy decisions that are informally in place in how incidents are categorized, classified, and managed to resolution.
Step No. 3: Only measure metrics that matter.
Step No. 4: Discuss the output in a real way, make a decision, document the decision in the “policy decisions matrix,” and re-visit these decisions monthly.


Quick links

Socio‑legal project, which offers an analysis of the 28 EU Member States’ data protection regimes, highlights the challenges people face when seeking such remedies.

A lot of articles deal with the case of Data Protection Commissioner, who found Irish Justice Minister guilty of breaking the law by disclosing information

An article about data sovereignty fears in connection with storing data in cloud.

Detection is the best prevention

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